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The shelter "Friends of Sarajevo Strays" is run under the Association for the Protection of Animals "Lajka". Located near Gladno Polje, our shelter is full of various street dogs that members of Lajka take care of. The working conditions are not ideal and finances primarily come from the pockets of Lajka's founders and citizens who want to donate.

The shelter situation is pretty bad, but it's the best we can do at the moment. About 60 dogs are under our care, of which a part, usually because they are dogs that need special attention, are in boarding houses and paid and volunteer, fosters.

Caring for them is reduced to daily cleaning, feeding, running, while always taking care of the health of the dogs. The employee who works in the asylum and who is a big dog lover is in charge of these activities and duties on a daily basis, so our life is easier from that point of view.

What we try to provide them is a safe environment and, for these conditions, the most adequate care until the moment they find their forever home.

Continue reading the page to learn about our work, donate or, you never know, adopt your best friend.

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If you want a friend for life, you are in the right place. In our shelter there are 60 dogs who are impatiently waiting for someone to provide them with a life full of love, play and joy.

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By clicking on the button, see all friends who are currently in the shelter. For now only in BCS language:

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your donation ensures

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...so that the bellies are full.

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...so they are healthy and happy.

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...for ill ones that can't sleep in the cold.

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...so someone would everyday bring food and kisses.

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...so they can sleep in dry and clean conditions.

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Become a sponsor for a selected friend from our shelter and thus ensure that his/her monthly expenses are covered. Our little creatures and we will be very grateful for any sponsorship, which will greatly facilitate the work and functioning of the shelter.

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thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Thanks to all the good people who donated money for our dogs. Without you, it would not be possible to finance everyday expenses.

Thanks to all the volunteers who came and spent time with the dogs. You brightened their days.

what they say about us

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"Everyone can adopt their best friend. I have been following Friends of Sarajevo Strays for a long time. I am aware of how much they try to make the dogs' lives better. I hope that as many people as possible will recognize this and help them."

Neira jevicki

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"At the invitation of a friend, I went with my daughters to the Friends of Sarajevo Strays dog shelter. I didn't know what would await us, except for the people who run it, who have a huge heart and empathy to help the innocent, uncared for creatures. We were greeted with paws and cheerful tails full of love and attention. The conditions they live in are not at all enviable, but these people work and do their best to make them well, so they are often in trouble to cover all the costs of the shelter, and most often it is dog food. From the heart I invite all people who have at least a little empathy to help them as much as they can, and they will be very grateful!

mirela redzic



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"A friend introduced me to the people who take care of the dogs at the Friends of Sarajevo Strays Asylum. At first I wasn't ready to go because I don't have the heart to watch an animal suffer. However, I was surprised at how happy, fed and loved these dogs are. The conditions they live in are not ideal, but Dajna, Vedran and the other volunteers at the shelter sacrifice their money and free time so that the dogs don't even feel it. Of course, they can't do it without our help. So, what are we waiting for? It's our duty to do something ."

arnela kameric


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Anida adopted Šapa from the shelter


"My first encounter with a large number of dogs was in this shelter. A wonderful experience. There are no people more dedicated to the well-being of dogs than this team for sure."



Anida Imamovic Tomanic

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